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I gave you a fair amount of stars because I do the same thing, Difference is that when in a car I have robots fighting each other, though they are each moving alongside the car throwing punches rolling on the dirt crashing into houses and other cars all because they are trying to catch up to the van but bent on killing each other simultaneously... Each time the sunbeams glare at my eyes, it's their plasma canons blinding e area from the muzzle flash...

Or I try in vain to really put into perspective the size of the universe... then i try to zoom out...more and more and more and more and more and more until you see a weird fiber like bac setting zooming out more and more and more 4:00 Minutes into Waltz of the Flowers as you see zooming out finally reveals that the universe is a piece of cardboard frozen in time because of how insignificantly instant our existence as a species really is in the real world... To the point that we are eternally unnoticed by all because of how small and instant Then I wonder if we are all standing on an atom?

Not bad, probably should have made it a little longer to show off your animation skills ad maybe smoothen out those moving planets to smooth fast moving objects. Otherwise it was weirdly depressing staring at a frozen dog in space.. Might wana put soe uneniable evidence of is death, like blank stare or something.... other than having him sit still

THIS IS A LONG MOVIE... But if you have time, its a good MTV ish early 90's kind of project... xcept its not 3 minutes. Animation? Claymation? Both? I have no idea what the hell this is but, its fucking well done! Awesome mix between 2D animation and stop motion animation lol The intro alone got me hooked to see what this was! Want NIGHTMARE FUEL?! lol cute as hell honestly, but those inflatable frogs...

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I've been on the loading startup screen for about an hour and reloaded multiple times..... Nothing works or loads. Game link is broken. Sorry dude

wow nice game lol i got to admit though theres a lot of TLDR in here D:

cool game lol

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Love it dude!


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